Shore Rug™ | Round Weave

Garden Party

The perfect accent piece but with some serious technical credentials. Round Weave Shore Rugs™ are ideal underfoot at standing desks while larger pieces will make a dazzling impression in any interior space.

Each Shore Rug is entirely handmade and thus has its own unique character. At different dimensions, the placement of colour and cord ​may change slightly to accommodate the size difference. We find this nuance adds a level of distinction and interest to each individual rug. Please note, as all our rugs are made-to-order, we have a general production time of 3 to 6 weeks.

Garden Party
Palm Beach
Blue Lagoon
Pearl Desert
Soft Stone
Moon Island
Spring Bay
Rock Garden
Ocean Rock
Marina Blue
Sky Terrace


Shore Rugs and Wellbeing 

At SHORE, we believe a rug can be both beautiful and exceptionally functional. The unique deep weave structure of a Shore Rug offers cushioned support as well as a textured, dynamic surface. This provides a massage-like experience as well as proprioceptive feedback, heightening the balance skills necessary to maintain stability, agility, and coordination skills. Shore Rugs are excellent anti-fatigue mats and work great in offices and workplaces underfoot at standing desks. Informed by scientific research, anti-fatigue mats are proven to reduce fatigue caused by standing for long periods on a hard surface.