Shore Rugs™ are made from custom-engineered silicone cord.



We meticulously crafted our silicone cord from the ground up to feature a satisfying and leather-like surface quality, an optimal density and comfort level, and a vast array of brilliant colors. Our silicone cord is of the purest quality and is completely non-toxic. Silicone is the material of choice in both cooking and medical applications.

In its traditional application as an engine component in heavy machinery, silicone cord needs to be extremely durable to do its job. Our material is UV and fire resistant, can withstand sustained submersion in salt water and prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures, and is exceedingly durable and will not degrade or lose its spring-back. 




Each Shore Rug™ is entirely handwoven by skilled artisans using bespoke techniques in our London workshop.





Each Shore Rug is fully handmade involving a variety of custom processes including the careful mixing of raw silicone, meticulous blending of color pigments, extrusion by hand of the silicone cord, and artisanal weaving of the individually extruded cord strands. To weave our rugs, we developed our own proprietary weaving techniques. Silicone cord’s density, stretchiness, and large diameter presented an exciting challenge where we could explore, improve, and innovate.



The new standard in anti-fatigue floor coverings.




Informed by scientific research, anti-fatigue mats are proven to reduce fatigue caused by standing for long periods on a hard surface. Shore Rugs™ bring both beauty and the benefits of anti-fatigue flooring to any space imaginable.

The unique deep weave structure of a Shore Rug™ offers cushioned support as well as a textured, dynamic surface. This provides a massage-like experience as well as proprioceptive feedback, heightening the balance skills necessary to maintain stability, agility, and coordination skills. 



Shore Rugs™ are available in two standard thicknesses.



The Bold Weave

Made in our iconic thick gauge high-performance silicone cord, Bold Weave Shore Rugs™ are 1.2” (30mm) in thickness and are featured in a range of striking gradients and bold color ways. Fantastic to lounge on, as highly cushioning and textured anti-fatigue mats, and as bold statement pieces. Shop Bold Weave.




The Fine Weave

Made in a fine gauge of our high-performance silicone cord, Fine Weave Shore Rugs™ are 0.5” (12mm) in thickness and available in a range of highly intricate patterns and curated color ways. Ideal in high-traffic areas, for use in tandem with furniture, in commercial settings, and simply wherever a thinner rug is preferred. Shop Fine Weave