We believe a rug can be both beautiful and exceptionally functional


Shore Rugs​™​ ​are the new standard in anti-fatigue floor coverings. Their unrivaled functional benefits in tandem with their bold visual appeal makes them perfectly at home in both stylish interiors and exteriors as well as in offices and workplaces underfoot at standing desks​. Informed by scientific research, anti-fatigue mats are proven to reduce fatigue caused by standing for long periods on a hard surface. Shore Rugs bring both beauty and the benefits of anti-fatigue flooring to any space imaginable.


The unique deep weave structure of a Shore Rug™ offers cushioned support as well as a textured, dynamic surface. This provides a massage-like experience as well as proprioceptive feedback, heightening the balance skills necessary to maintain stability, agility, and coordination skills. ​The pure silicone material of which Shore Rugs are made is not only completely non-toxic (silicone is often used in cooking and medical applications), it is also exceedingly durable and ​will not degrade or lose its spring-back.




SHORE is an innovative rug company. Simple in composition and perfected in construction, our products are timeless, honest, and can be enjoyed for many years while our resourceful use of synthetic materials makes full use of their essential benefits and capabilities. Each Shore Rug™ is handmade and unique, woven entirely by hand by skilled artisans using custom techniques in our London workshop. We’ve custom-developed our materials from the ground up, working closely with family-operated silicone specialists in the heart of England’s historic weaving industry. Shore Rugs™ are the result of rigorous material research, a deep understanding of the needs of contemporary life, and an honest fascination with the potential of synthetic technologies.



SHORE's founders, Louie Rigano and Gil Muller, met while studying at the Royal College of Art in London. With an interest and passion for materiality, craft and technical innovation, they founded SHORE, an innovative rug company. They share a belief that technical innovation and beautifully crafted design need not be mutually exclusive. Synchronizing rigorous material research with a traditional craft approach can lead to products of surprising beauty and impact. Working at the intersection of material research and traditional craft approaches, the team challenges traditional conventions assumed by rugs and is finding new and highly functional roles for an object that has been with us for millennia.